Turn up the heat with La Mexicana fresh chillies and spices

Turn up the heat with La Mexicana fresh chillies and spices


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To cook real Mexican food you need the right ingredients. Check out our essentials that will add authentic flavour to your dishes.


Its amazing. They sell lots of varieties and authentic mexican foods, sauces and products. You dont need to go mexico to have the experience from La Mexicana

Zeuu Mukhtar

Very good store. Good prices and delivery came the next day. Highly recommend.

Zubin Dastur

Went there to get the Mole sauce. Im amazed by this little grocey shop. Cute in it's own way. Part of the restaurant. Can now cook my own chicken mole without having to make mole from scratch. 👍

1AndOnlyInez Sohl

The best corn tortillas available in Singapore. I've been trying to find good ones in Singapore for over 15 years. Since I found this place last year, having easy access to fresh 40-packs of tortillas, any day of the week, has been a big quality-of-life upgrade. They also have all the essentials for Mexican cooking -- salsas, beans, cheeses, in both bottled/canned and fresh versions made in the kitchen right next door. And they can make custom versions on request -- they even fried up a batch of unsalted tortilla chips for one of us who needs low sodium. Very highly recommended!

Ilya Farber

Ordered the take home Fajitas for Cinco de Mayo, along with quite a few extras- hot sauces et al. Really good flavor, tortillas that you never find in Singapore and attentive customer service. This is worth #supportinglocal for sure

Dipen Mehta

Amazing experience with friendly environment. Whereas Incredibly fun and helpful service as well, perhaps great quality of good and beverage. Definitely recommend!...:)

Tassy Wangs

Ordered tortillas from them.Corn tortillas were delicious. Authentic flavor! Flour tortillas were yummy and soft. Great product, must try!!

Michelle Christopher