How to make the perfect burrito!

How to make the perfect burrito!

Feb 19, 20212Stallions Pte. Ltd.

Tender meat, crispy lettuce, melted cheese, rice, beans and fresh salsa wrapped together in a warm and delicious shell— what could be tastier? Crafting your perfect burrito involves some simple cooking of different ingredient parts, followed by the most difficult challenge – folding it!

Let’s help you create your own delicious burritos at home in a few simple steps.

First, get all the different ingredients ready.

The tortilla
The flour wrap defines the burrito and is the favoured option because it is softer and big enough for a proper burrito.

The meat or veggies
For meat lovers, choose:

  • - Carnitas (slow-cooked braised pork)
  • - Al Pastor (pork) – slow cook for best results
  • - Carne Asada (steak) – grilled shirt or hangar is recommended
  • - Pollo Asada (chicken) – for maximum flavour use the thigh

Vegetarians can savour the taste of soft-cooked vegetables like steamed broccoli or zucchini, for example.

The rice
For burritos, the rice should be light and fluffy. To make the perfect Mexican rice, we recommend soaking the grains overnight, before draining well. Add the rice to a pot of hot oil and toast until fragrant and opaque. Then, add slightly less water per serving than the recipe suggests and bring to the boil. Finally, cover, reduce the heat and cook as usual. Once cooked, simply add salt. Alternatively, add cilantro and lime or even cook in chicken broth and other spices for something different!

The beans
A classic burrito has plain or refried pinto beans but for a healthier option, use black beans.
If you use dried beans, soak or slow cook them with broth and salt. Alternatively, you can buy canned beans.

The sauces and extras
No burrito is complete without a sauce. Our suggested options are pico de gallo, guacamole, hot sauce, and sour cream. Also, why not add some avocado, chopped tomatoes and, for those who want an extra kick, some jalapenos.

The cheese
You don’t want all those wonderful ingredients overpowered by the taste of cheese so use a mild and melted variety. Monterey Jack and mild cheddar both work.

Second, the assembly part!

With all your ingredients ready and at the right temperature, layer each one horizontally across the centre of the tortilla and on top of each other. To keep the cheese melted, each layer should be hot to cold. For example, on top of the line of melted cheese, pile the beans, then the rice, then the meat, then the sauces and extras. Because sauces could leave your tortilla soggy, these are always layered last.
Keep everything in one horizontal line down the middle of the tortilla. After a final dollop of sour cream, it's ready to roll (or should I say wrap!).

Thirdly, it’s time to wrap!

  • Fold in the short ends - those perpendicular to the line of ingredients
  • With the ingredient line parallel to your body, roll the burrito away from you, squeezing the filling in as you pull the bottom edge over the top, keeping the short ends folded in
  • Keep tightening as you roll the remaining tortilla, leaving the overlap at the bottom.
  • If desired, wrap in foil and cut it in half
  • .

And lastly - the best bit - eating it!

Optional Wet Burrito
If you’d prefer, try a classic wet burrito by drizzling some warm enchilada sauce on your burrito.

So, there it is - your satisfying freshly-made perfect burrito at home. Delicious! Why not get your friends over and have a little burrito making party with a few tequila’s or some mezcal to increase the fun!

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