5 ways to use 'La Mexicana’ Tortillas

5 ways to use 'La Mexicana’ Tortillas

Aug 12, 20202Stallions Pte. Ltd. Collaborator

The humble tortilla might seem like a simple flatbread, but you’ll be surprised how versatile it can be. It can transform into any number of tasty dishes that aren’t necessarily Mexican! For some heightened tortilla enjoyment, here are just five different ways that we recommend to take our ‘La Mexicana’ tortillas (known for being Singapore’s best!) to new delicious heights! 

Tortilla Pizzas!

For the ultimate thin-crust pizza, create your own Italian speciality at home! Lightly spray a baking sheet with oil and place a ‘La Mexicana’ tortilla on the sheet. Cover with a tangy tomato base and sprinkle, as liberally as you like, with your favourite toppings and lots of cheese! Bake in the oven and – voila – the crispiest, tastiest pizza in town!  

Tortilla French Toast:

For a delicious start to the day, liven up your breakfast and transform our classic corn or flour tortillas into a breakfast favourite. Dip the tortillas into an eggy French toast batter and lightly fry on a medium heat, then coat with cinnamon and brown sugar. Yum!

Tortillas Alfredo

This is definitely a quirky way to use your tortillas – but it works! Simply roll up a tortilla and cut it crosswise into thin strips. In a pan, simmer down some cream before adding parmesan, tortilla strips, cooked bacon, peas, and salt and pepper. Mix together, and you have a quick and easy alternative to this classic pasta recipe.

Cheesy Omeletilla Stack

In Mexico, we love a mix of cheese and spice together. This pile of delicious comfort food has both these ingredients but with a Korean twist! Brush a ‘La Mexicana’ tortilla with melted butter then top with kimchi, gochujang (Korean chilli paste), shredded cheese, and a thin layer of cooked egg. Next top with another tortilla and repeat the process, finishing it with cheese, until your indulgent stack is as high as you want. Bake until melty before devouring this indulgent delight! 

And for a sweet tortilla treat, why not try:

Chocolate-Dipped Chiptillas

Cut a “La Mexicana’ tortilla into triangles and shallow-fry. Let them cool and dip an edge of each triangle in melted chocolate before adding a sweet sprinkle of crystallised ginger or teeny M&M's, or whatever sugary delight you enjoy.

Tortillas are not just Mexican must have’s, they’re a great cupboard ingredient. Order a pack (or two) of ‘La Mexicana’ corn or flour tortillas from our online shop and liven things up mealtimes with these simple recipes! Andale!

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