La Costena - Salsa Verde Habanero Sauce


La Costena .. By Taste! Salsa Verde by La Costena is a mediumspicy, chunky green sauce made with natural tomatillos or Mexican green tomatoes to give it that unique green fruity taste the salsa has. Withdelicious flavors, La Costena Salsa Verde is a convenient and inexpensive alternative for your cravings of Mexican Sauce and Flavor. Bring out the homemade taste of your meals with La Costena!

Serving ideas:

  • Serve it on the table to goalong with any dish.
  • Use La Costena Salsa Verde over eggs (scrambled or sunny side up), on carne asada tacos, huaraches, quesadillas, sopes, tamales, tacos, and tostadas!
  • Add Salsa Verde to burritos and fajitas as well as to spike up lamb roast, chicken or steaks!
  • Salsa verde can be used to make delicious enchiladas, Carne Puerco en Salsa Verde and Pork rinds in green salsa.
  • Cure that hangover with spicy chilaquiles made with corn tortillas, topped with chopped onions, queso cotija and mexican sour cream!
  • Prepare a delicious Chile Verde Stew by dilluting La Costena Salsa Verde with water or chicken broth to cook along beef, chicken or pork.
  • Use from the jar as dip for chips and tortilla chips.