Código 1530 Origen Extra Anejo


Aged 6 Years, Código 1530 Origen garners acclaim as the premier Extra Añejo tequila from spirits connoisseurs. Its intricate flavor presents the mastery of aged tequila with the familiar tastes of aged whiskeys and exquisite cognacs. Production Notes: This Extra Añejo is stored in premium Napa Valley Cabernet French White Oak wine barrels for 6 years, rendering it one of the most mature and distinguished Extra Añejos. Origen is a legacy of the family's personal recipe. Tasting Notes: An aroma of spice, vanilla, caramel and sweet oak that leads to a dynamic taste of dried fig and cinnamon.

• 100% Agave
• No additives, sweeteners, flavoring, coloring or chemicals
• Award-winning Napa Cabernet Barrels
• Family-owned & operated distillery

Awards & Accolades 
• Gold Winning Origen Extra-Añejo, SIP Award

Must be 18 years or older to buy alcohol