La Costena - Chipotles En Adobo


Chipotle and Adobo - a fine mix of smoky chilis with herby tomato sauce.

Chipotle are made by smoke drying ripe Jalapeno chilis, with a typical smoky taste. The smoking takes place in a traditional smoker. Chilis that have thin pulp are easily preserved through a drying process, this is harder when it comes to chilis that have more pulp. This is why they are smoked. And this is how Jalapeno chilis are turned into Chipotles. Just pour some of the famous Adobo sauce over them and you get the Mexican specialty.

'Chipotle in Adobo” are whole Chipotle pods preserved in a special thick herby and spicy vinegar tomato sauce. The chilis can be used as a fiery side dish for fajitas, enchiladas or other main courses. On the other side, the sauce enhances BBQ sauces, baked beans and can also be used as universal spicing sauce where you feel the need for a bit more taste.

Our Chipotle in Adobo come from la Costena. La Costena is one of the biggest and most innovative food businesses in Mexico. In order to get the authentic taste of the Mexican cuisine high value is put on using highest quality ingredients in the La Costena products.