La Costena - Mexican Salsa Tomato Sauce


Homestyle Mexican Salsa by La Costena is a medium spicy, chunky red sauce made with natural red tomatoes, chile, onions, garlic and cilantro to give it that unique Red jalapeno taste the salsa has. With delicious flavors, La Costena Homestyle Mexican Salsa is a convenient and inexpensive alternative for your cravings of Mexican Home-style Sauce and Flavor. Bring out the homemade taste of your meals with La Costena!

Serving ideas:

  • Serve it on the table to go along with any dish.
  • Use La Costena Homestyle Mexican Salsa over eggs (scrambled, over easy or sunnyside up), on carne asada tacos, huaraches, quesadillas, sopes, tamales, tacos, and tostadas!
  • Add La Costena to burritos, gorditas and fajitas as well as to spike up lamb roast, chicken or steaks!
  • Use Homestyle Mexican Salsa to make delicious red enchiladas, with a spicy kick.
  • Serve and enjoy as dip for chips and tortilla chips.