La Dama Tequila Blanco 100% Organic


La Dama's agave is sustainably grown on a global scale. Their growing and production strategies honor Mexican tradition, embrace responsible environmental practices, and incorporate ceremonial elements. Under their care, organic, double distilled tequila is made in classic brick ovens, through slow-moving fermentation in small batches. To ensure the integrity of their superior agave, the distilling is done in a community-run Jalisco, Mexico plant. In addition, the bottles are crafted from recycled glass, wrapped in recycled agave leaves.


Alcohol Volume: 40%
Raw Material: 100% Agave, Double Distilled
Sustainable: Organic, No perservatives, artificial colours
Production: Tradtional, Masonary Ovens, Handcrafted
Packaging: Gift Box made from Agave Paper Visual: Clear Silver
Aroma: Cooked agave, fruit, spices
Taste: Fruity, herbal, carmelized agave, hints of chocolate with soft, creamy, smooth texture.
Bottle: Unique, Recycled Hand Blown Glass
Net Content: 750 ML
Country of Origin: Mexico, Highlands of Jalisco
Awards: Medal, Spirit of Excellence & Sustainability, FITUR, Madrid, 2019

Must be 18 years or older to buy alcohol