How to host the Perfect Taco Party!

How to host the Perfect Taco Party!

Nov 12, 20202Stallions Pte. Ltd.

Everyone loves a taco party! And what’s not to enjoy? A Mexican inspired fiesta where everyone can create their own perfect taco customised to their tastes and diet. And for you as a host, you don’t have to spend hours slaving in the kitchen, just some simple preparation and chopping and you’re ready for a fiesta!

 So, what’s the recipe for the perfect taco party? Mexican-inspired food, drinks, decorations, and lively music!

 Let's start with the most essential ingredient – the tacos! You can make things easy by ordering La Mexicana taco kits that includes all your basic needs. For example, BARBACOA TACO KIT’s which includes slow-cooked, tender Barbacoa meat, our fresh guacamole salsa, corn tortillas and flour tortillas, chopped onion, cilantro and lime wedges. Or try the CARNITAS TACO KIT with our house-recipe pulled pork and spices; or our AL PASTOR TACO KIT made with super-thin slices of pork marinated to perfection. Both of these include a selection of delicious toppings.

 However, if you want to create your own taco bar, here’s what you need to include: 

  • Corn tortillas and flour tortillaskeep them warm and ready to be filled with a special tortilla warming dish or put them on a hot plate set to low heat.

Don’t forget to add get some chips to go with your salsas and dips, they are the perfect starter!

 Shake things up by serving an assortment of Mexican drinks. Margaritas are a classic – why not try our margaritas and To-Go cocktails which are freshly made with premium ingredients here in Singapore or our Tequila, Mezcal & Beer are also a refreshing favourite. Alternatively, non-alcoholic drinks like Jarritos, Jamaica and Horchata are also a good option.

So, with the food ready to go and drinks waiting to be poured, it’s time to think about decorations to provide that Mexican fiesta ambience! 

  • Simply use bold and bright colours that spark that feeling of a fiesta!
  • Tropical palm leaves and greenery can add to the fiesta feel of the day scattered throughout tables.
  • Add a pinata filled with sweets and treats.

Finally, turn up the volume on your Mexican inspired playlist, including some, salsa, reggaeton and mariachi music, and you’ve got all the right ingredients for the perfect taco party. Enjoy!

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