It’s movie time at Singapore’s Mexican Film Festival 2020!

It’s movie time at Singapore’s Mexican Film Festival 2020!

Sep 21, 20202Stallions Pte. Ltd.

Grab some spicy popcorn and discover the rich culture and traditions of Mexico at this years’ Mexican Film Festival 2020! Presented by the Mexican Embassy and The Projector, traverse through the world of Mexican cinema and immerse yourself in five dramas that showcase a fascinating and rarely seen aspect of this vibrant country.

Mexico has a long-established movie-making history, but since the turn of the century, its success and popularity have grown globally. Over the last 20 years, many films have appeared on international screens, and produced award-winning directors, actors and screenwriters. 

At this year's Mexican Film Festival here in Singapore, it's an excellent opportunity to see some of the country’s best movies for yourself. With a mix of engaging dramas and beautiful adventures, experience the enduring Mexican courage in stories of love, loss and overcoming hardship.

Check out:

Esmeralda’s Twilight (PG13) – an award-winning drama about Esmeralda, a woman who has lost the will to live after the death of her husband and the absence of her son. Now, she lives alone in a small town, locked in her house until a little pig comes into her life.

This is not Berlin / Esto no es Berlín (R21) - in 1986 Mexico City, a 17-year-old boy doesn't fit in anywhere, not even in his family or with his school friends. But everything changes when he’s invited to a mythical nightclub, where he discovers the underground nightlife scene.

Mara’akame’s Dream / El Sueño del Mara’akame (NC16) – this movie tells the story of a young boy who dreams of travelling to Mexico City to play with his band. However, his father, a Mara'akame, has a different plan for his future.

The Darkest Days of Us / Los Días Más Oscuros de Nostras (R21)- Ana returns after many years to her hometown of Tijuana. Here she faces the pain and darkness of the fragmented and foggy memories of her sister's death that have haunted her since childhood.

Fireflies / Luciérnagas (R21) –this superbly directed, and poignant film follows Ramin, a young man in his 30s who has fled the repression in Iran. He arrives in Veracruz and discovers a freer life. The film deals with communication, empathy, and the difficult, daily process of tolerance and love in a precarious world.

Limited screenings are available from 17 September till 04 October. To find out more and book your tickets online visit:

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